Improving care by improving communication

by Burl Stamp

Leadership Development

manager and leader development

Through a robust portfolio of leader tools and approaches, we help managers achieve better team engagement and sustain performance improvement.


Team Development

healthcare team development

For caregivers, we offer a comprehensive curriculum focused on building competencies and practices that improve communication with patients and colleagues.


Change Management

performance improvement

Our experienced consultants work with your team to identify meaningful operational and strategic improvements, then embed best leader practices to sustain results.



Our robust tools, curriculum, strategies and insights help transform your patient and employee engagement efforts.

A comprehensive curriculum focused on building competencies and practices that improve performance through better communication with patients and colleagues

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A robust portfolio of mobile leader tools and approaches that sustain performance improvement through more effective manager coaching, goal-setting, mentoring and accountability

Fresh, usable ideas from our LeaderBriefing white papers and the book The Healing Art of Communication that help your team think differently about patient and team engagement

What Sets Us Apart?

Evidence-based approaches tailored to fit each client’s specific needs

We partner with each organization to first identify the strategies and programs that are working well to better understand where there are the greatest needs for improvement.

Developing competencies, not just implementing tactics

Real, sustainable improvement comes from building competencies and critical-thinking skills among leaders and their staffs, not simply searching for silver-bullet tactics to complex, organizational challenges.

Understanding that great patient experiences start with great employee experiences

The research is clear: better employee engagement is essential for long-term improvement in care and service. Our intensive, boots-on-the-ground work with managers helps sustain gains and contributes to employee retention, morale and productivity.

Experienced advisers who have walked in your shoes

All of our Principal Consultants have earned their stripes in leading provider organizations, gaining a depth of knowledge and insight that only experience brings. Translation: we’re old enough to remember The Beatles and to know the words to the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song.

Our Guiding Principles

Serve clients in a way that helps them better serve their communities.

Respect and leverage an organization’s internal skills, experience and expertise to maximize results.

Learn from each client and each assignment to continually improve our services.

Contribute to the personal development and success of the people we serve, not just their organizations.


Our collaborative approach includes four phases that will engage senior executives, middle management and frontline staff in efforts to improve individual and collective performance and communication practices.

phase 1 assessment


Our Patient & Staff Engagement Snapshot identifies the “why” behind the numbers, illuminating the most essential improvement opportunities.


phase two collaborative design

Collaborative Design

Grounded in our field-tested, evidence-based approaches, we collaboratively craft an individualized plan that aligns with your culture and specific opportunities.


phase 3 implementation


Organization-wide training and improvement strategies provide a springboard for short-term changes in practice and superior long-term results.


phase 4 sustaining results

Sustaining Results

We partner with your team to embed new leadership practices that support a high-performance culture and continued improvement.


lets talk

We’d like to talk with your team about your greatest challenges – and opportunities.

Whether you have a well-developed, long-term strategy or are still struggling with where to start in improving patient and employee engagement, we’d like to understand your specific goals. Call us at 314-241-3434 or complete the brief email form to the right to get the conversation started.


Improve patient care by improving communication.