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Thought Leadership

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LeaderBriefing: A Smarter Approach to S.M.A.R.T Goals

Developed over 30 years ago, the widely-used S.M.A.R.T. goals model has helped thousands of organizations write more effective goals. But what about implementation? Our smarter S.M.A.R.T. goals approach focuses on how to use goals to change behavior and drive higher performance in healthcare organizations.

This LeaderBriefing from Stamp & Chase offers information on how to use goal-setting to improve outcomes and advance employee engagement.

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LeaderBriefing A Smarter Approach to SMART Goals

LeaderBriefing: The Case for Recognizing Nurses as Healthcare’s #1 Stakeholder

Stakeholder theory, which emerged in the mid-1980s, was an important recognition in management philosophy that the needs of more than just the owners, or shareholders, matter in decision-making and strategy. This theory had especially significant application and implications in health care, where so many constituencies can affect – and are affected by – a provider organization’s success.

This LeaderBriefing from Stamp & Chase explores the application of stakeholder theory to health care provider organizations in light of the move to population health and the need for even higher levels of patient and employee engagement. While the importance and involvement of multiple constituencies is still relevant, there is compelling research and rationale for moving nurses to the top of a health care provider organization’s stakeholder priority list to improve care effectiveness and efficiency.

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The Healing Art of Communication

The Healing Art Of Communication has been recognized by health care professionals as a valuable resource for front-line associates and managers alike. A leading nurse educator writes, “Quality health care is not possible without quality communications between health care professionals, patients, and families. The Healing Art of Communication takes us back to the roots, the basics. It offers insights, concrete examples, and advice on how to get the care back into health care. This book can help you gain the skill to disagree with everyone and offend no one!”

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